About Me:

Dr. Farkhnada Sarfraz is our best Nutritionist having 6 years of professional experience. She has completed her BS (Hons.) Food Science and Technology in 2012 then completed her MS (Hons.) Food and Nutrition in 2014 and then done her PHD Food and Nutrition in 2022 from University of Sargodha. She has been awarded as Clinical Nutritionist CMH Rawalpindi in 2018. Then earned a British Scottish scholarship from British council in 2014. After that she has completed her Internship as Nutritionist from PAF Mushaf in 2012. Then she awarded by certificate from CMH Rawalpindi in 2018 as Nutritionist. She has started her professional career from CMH Rawalpindi as Nutritionist from 2017 to 2018. Then she moved towards PAF Hospital Sargodha as Nutritionist from 2019 to present. Moreover, she is also working as Nutritionist in Mubarak Medical Complex from 2021 to present and provides us her best services such as: • Evaluating the dietary needs of patients by assessing their health condition, physical activity and foods habits. • Developing tailored diet plan according to individual needs and details consultation. • Implementation and evaluation of diet plan through follow up. TRAINING: 1. Training as coordinator from PAF Mushaf in 2021. 2. Training related to medical field.


Year Degree Institute
2012 Bs (Hons) Food Science and Technology University of Sargodha
2014 Ms (Hons) Food and Nutrition University of Sargodha
2022 PHD food and nutrition University of Sargodha

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