Blood Bank

Blood Banking

Blood banking is the cycle that happens in the lab to ensure that gave blood, or blood items, are protected before they are utilized in blood transfusions and other operations. Blood banking incorporates composing the blood for bonding and testing for irresistible infections.

We believe safe blood saves lives. Blood donation center at Mubarak Medical Complex is among one of the most outstanding blood donation centers in the city and is PBTA/R/PS-0590 confirmed. Blood is gathered solely from non-proficient donors. Everything the blood is evaluated for Hepatitis B and C, HIV, Syphilis and Malaria. Hepatitis and AIDS screening is also done regularly followed by NAT (Nucleic acid testing). Blood processing, storage and transportation is finished according to set down global guidelines. Blood donation and collection is accessible nonstop. We have broad inventory units of pressed red cell and platelets arbitrary concentrates. Be a willful and ordinary blood contributor.

Our Blood donation center is open 24/7. For further information kindly Contact on 0348-1112362 and 0300-9435063.

The staff of blood donation centers plays out the obligation proficiently round the clock.

We are doing following tests in Blood donation center:

  1. Blood Grouping
  2. Cross match
  3. Whole blood
  4. Pack Cell Volume (PCV)
  5. Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  6. Coombs Direct
  7. Coombs Indirect
  8. Platelets Apheresis (Mega Unit)
  9. Platelets Single Unit
  10. Plasmapheresis
  11. Leuko apheresis
  12. Cryoprecipitate

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